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in utah. >>> toyota says it hasn't been notified about a multimillion dollars fine from the u.s. government. sources say the government is proposing 16 and a half million dollars in fines for toyota, saying the car maker failed to quickly alert regulate% a dangerous defect with gas pedals in millions of its vehicles. once that fine is handed down toyota has two weeks to accept or contest it. >>> police are investigating a fatal car crash in northeast baltimore overnight. these are photos by a wjz freelancer. a single vehicle crashed at more ravian road and sinclair line. one person is dead. one other person was take to be johns hopkins hospital. we have no word on their current condition at this hour. >>> at the state house in annapolis, time running out to pass much talked about pieces of legislation including tougher laws against sex offenders. right now it looks like that might not happen. andrea fujii is live with the latest. >> good morning andrea. >> reporter: good morning everyone. there are nearly half a dozen pieces of legislation waiting to the be voted on, strengthe
-- governor o'malley. >>> another headache for toyota this morning. >> toyota is temporarily putting the breaks on the sales of that suv. >>> the pace of foreclosures picking up. but the weather is picking up. a nice day today. >>> a beautiful day today. temperatures down to 43 degrees. we're pretty much on target with normal. but we'll jump above normal into the 70s this afternoon. you can follow the wakeup window at the bottom of the screen. let's go to the mta and check in with mark jones. >> reporter: good morning. you'll find the buses, a heavy involve passengers on the 13, seven, and 19 bus lines. light rail and the metro subway right on schedule and the mark train system no reported. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. if you've taken your sleep aid and you're still fighting to sleep in the middle of the night, why would you go one more round using it ? you don't need a rematch-- but a re-think-- with lunesta. lunesta is different. it keys into receptors that support sleep, setting your sleep process in motion. lunesta helps you get the restful sleep you need. when takin
, toyota agrees to pay a fine of more than $16 million, stemming from the defect in its vehicles. it was pleased because the government says toyota delayed on telling them about sticking gas pedals. the a maker agreed to pay a but denies the allegation that it violated the law. a transportation official says toyota wanted to avoid contesting it in court. the government claims toyota knew about the problems last september but failed to issue a recall until january. 8 million toyota vehicles worldwide are affected by the recall. many people are still looking for jobs these days, but once a land that interview, how can you make yourself standout? tracy get some expert advice. >> you can blow an interview, absolutely. >> you are lucky to get in the door, but you are one of many. you cannot lose sight of that. >> two interviewed experts agree to tell us the dos and don'ts. they say some things are obvious the people must them all the time. harrah's is president of first financial burdens as cannot overstate your experience >> they do reference checking or people who may know the perso
find out the hard way. here's diana avillar. >> reporter: toyota's delay in reporting mechanism problems already cost the cost $64 million, the largest fine ever for an automaker, maximum under american law. >> it's gone on record saying they wish they could fine toyota more. >> reporter: according to a letter from the national transportation safety board, a second fine may be assessed. based on documents that show toyota knew of two separate defects related to acceleration. in all, ntsa said they would have levied a fine of nearly $14 billion had it been allowed. experts say the tough talk from washington is a sign that lax standards will not be tolerated. >> toyota once was considered an invincible brand. clearly have take an fall here. i think a lot of other automakers are going to pay a lot more attention to any issues that come up. any customers reporting problems. >> reporter: however, the fallout from this safety crisis may not be as bad as once thought. march sales were much better than expected. a result analysts credit to aggressive price slashing and incentives. toyot
of the oklahoma city bombing. >>> the latest now. toyota says it will recall the 2010 lexus gs 460 toaddresss a problem with the suv rolling over. recall affects 6,000 vehicles sold since the suv went on sale in late december. consumer reports issued a don't buy warning last week on the vehicle saying that it susceptible to roll i don't haves. toyota responded by halting sales of the vehicle and conducting tests on all suvs. >>> toyota will pay a record fine to federal regulators. it is the latest trouble for the automaker as it struggles to put safety problems in the rear-view mirror. the safety crisis cost can car maker millions in revenue. now it will pay more in a levy assigned by the national highway transportation association. they will pay $16 million. maximum penalty allowed under u.s. law. documents show the company knew of concerns involving unintended acceleration and sticky gas pedals. the company recalled six million vehicles in all. sales are still strong. the company's once sterling reputation for safety has been tainted. >> toyota once was considered an invincible brand. other
average and about 5 minutes to get through. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota and your local toyota dealer where you'll find quality cars and trucks. toyota, buy right the first time, you'll save more in the long run. >> let's go out there to ron in the park. how are you? >> good morning, everybody. could not be a better morning. we're live in druitt park as we're getting ready for sunday's march for the animals sponsored by the spca. this is where 5,000 of your friends will be here on sunday. maryland spca. what's it going to be like? >> marty says the weather will be good so we're excited about that. it's the biggest event of the year for us. big fund raiser. it's a lot of fun and we encourage people to come out on sunday. >> it's a 1.5 mile walk. correct? >> yes, around the reservoir. it's very leisurely. vendors and games and contests. it's a lot of fun. >> we wanted to mention, besides the walk there's a lot of things going on. >> we have an ajiblt agility contest. costume contest so there's something for everybody. >> i love this. they are having a fleeless market. tell
's the beltway at 295. this is brought to you by toyota. a lot of people wonder about the recalls and to get the facts and the latest, go to wjz.com. >>> good morning, ron, how are you? >>> well, we're always happy to do a school like this. hamsted hill academy, one of the best schools in the country and one of the greenest and now, they're up for a $15,000 prize and they're depending on your vote. >> reporter: call it compost 101. kids from the school all contribute to their school garden. >> we make a little pile for the compost. >> reporter: from growing and maintaining and cooking. >> we pull weeds and yes plant plants. we try to make fun and good healthy meals to eat them. >> reporter: they grow herbs and vegetables and fruits. we don't get to do it much in the homes and to have it at school is great. >> reporter: the school is part of the green hero grant and they made the cut to the top 5. now, online votes could get them $15,000. >> and making healthy eating fun and pleasurable will get further than just preaching to kids about the servings of fruits and semitables they need -- fruit
. this is brought to you by toyota. an important message for toyota owners, to get the facts and the latest information, go to toyota.com. >> back to you, don and marty. >> good morning, it's 5 minutes until we launch for the international space station. >> we'll do it, r rock 'n' roll. >> and i was wondering, if we don't hold off the song and then meet the folks. what do you think? >>> so you want to meet the folks first? >> no, i think, let's go ahead and knock off the song. >> 5 minutes 15 seconds. >> well, let's go ahead and do this. >> you got it. and we'll meet them individually. >> and let's say happy birthday to my aunt peggy, 78 years young. peg, we love you. the pirates. give yourselves a hand. >> we want to do the song first. >> yeah, and then we'll meet them and find out about the event and what they'll tell us about and that way, we can hold off and watch the launch and get back to them. we'll talk to you after the song. you guys look great this morning and thank you for coming out. >> we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> i've got to tell you. he sneezed. >> whoever's doing jack
. >>> a new safety warning about another toyota model. consumer reports magazine is urging you not to buy the new lexus gx460. it says it's test uncovered a roll over problem while making turns. calling toyota the fix the problem fast. toyota has not commented on the warning. this another set back for the company. toyota had to recall 8 million vehicles worldwide for accelerator problems. >>> is the recession over? the committee which determines the official start and end date for u.s. recessions met last week but says it ca k not determine the official ped end date. it confirmed december 2007 was when the recession began. most economic indicators have improved recently including the dow which closed above 11,000 for the first time in 18 months yesterday. even if there is no official determination of an end date, most economists agree that the recession is likely over. baltimore will receive federal disaster funds for the december snowstorm, remember the one that dumped 20 inches of snow in the city. baltimore wasn't included in president barack obama's initial disaster, because the city
by toyota. there's been a lot of people wondering about the recalls. to get the facts and the information, go to toyota.com. >>> let's go right to the ronster at oriole park and camden yards. >> reporter: hey, the 19th season at oriole park and camden yards. the bird is here. how are you doing. the gating opening in less than six hours. the birds and the blue jays coming up and the birds are back in more ways than one. ♪ >> reporter: the birds are back. black and orange flamingos are flying off of the shelves. we celebrate the ravens and now the orioles. >> where are they going? >>> in the front yard. >> reporter: it's a change of season object out back and marty and tim say hello orange. >> well, the purple and black are changing it for orange now in the gardens and it's good. >> reporter: they're putting the finishing touches on in camden yards and the youngest fans can't wait. there >> he's 2 and the older boy is 5 and they love coming to the game and it's a great place for families and we're happy to have the opportunity to come down. >> reporter: here, it's time for a winning seaso
there and obviously, no delays. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, buy right the first time. toyota, moving forward. >> well, don and marty and everyone. we're live at growl's markets. come on over. this is, coming up this weekend, that's the growl's fight cancer day. this is an amazing event and fundraiser. how did all of this start. >> well, my grandfather passed away from cancer ten years ago and we wanted to raise money for a good cause. >> well, of course, you have a lot of things going on. we're donating 5% of the sales and tons of out door events and the proceeds go to acs. we raised 430,000 over the last 30 years. that's incredible. $54,000 last year, congratulations. thank you, and thank you for supporting us. we appreciate you being here. we want to talk to don from the american cancer society. hi, good morning. where does all of the money go. >> it goes to the patient services and programs. anything locally we can offer, emotional groups and lodging, that's where the money goes. hi, kate. >> hello. . >> how are you doing? >>> just wonderful. >> we have great raffles going
the congestion ahead. this is brought to you by toyota. buy right the first time, you'll save more in the long run. >> let's send it to the ronster in highland town. big fun event. take it away, pal. >>> and jessica, marty, happy friday. this is the 7th annual, and 1:00 to 6:00 sunday. it started small. i want to thank everyone for coming out. joe were are you located. >> golf street. if you haven't been to the marketplace, you're missing a great baltimore experience. you helped the festival, what was it like. >> well, we got a small group together and it grew. it doubled in size and we're up to a thousand people and it's a good -- it's our festival to bring new highland town with old highland town and we'll introduce people to the wine making craft. >> how are you. i'm okay. >> and good morning, jesse and marty. we're already talking about wine. this sunday, from 1:00 to 6:00 and we'll serve some specially homemade wine. >> especially the chardonnay. we got a beautiful bocce tournament indoor and we gonna have some of the toughest people in baltimore playing on bocce and they have a glass of
. this is brought to you by toyota. to get the facts and the information, go to toyota.com. >>> now, it's time for manic monday. >> manic monday in fell's point. well, we're doing greet, this is brought to you by mr. basement. before i introduce the group, a few quick announcements. we want to send our condolences out to al isala, a friend to thousands in the area and we extend our sympathies to his wife and the family. also, i had jury duty friday. literally hundreds of people came up to me to say hello to you in the studios. and a shout out to all of the people at the courthouse to you guys. >> did you do a clint eastwood in "hanger,m high. >> if you were an attorney, would you pick me? >> maybe. well, case closed. >> the team maryland transplant athletes. we thank you for coming down, we have people from all over. towson and columbia and district heights. what's your name. >> george. >> george, we thank you for coming down. >> i'm latrese. >> tell us about the athletes. >> it's a group of transplant recipients and they compete in athletic events and for the first time, we have 35 athletes g
and bitten by bugs, but otherwise ok. >> one of the luxury vehicles made by toyota has been recalled. >> we will tell you how toyota is responding. >> it maybe baseball season in baltimore, but it is never too soon to start thinking about tomorrow. we will talk about the upcoming nfl draft. >> we will also have a brief interruption of our fantastic spring weather. this could last the next couple of days. it is 49 >> with less than two weeks before the nfl draft, the baltimore ravens held a luncheon to discuss the process. the coaches talked about what it means to play like a raven. >> guys have a chance to get into these different spot. who is going to make our team the best it can possibly be? the ravens have done a great job of that for years. >> the nfl will take on a new look this year. coming up tonight at 6:00, we take a closer look at the raven's a draft process. >> now, you're into weather forecast -- your instaweather forecast. >> light rain is continuing to fall in some areas. that trend should continue overnight. rain is heading toward the south and east. i -- skies should actual
to the crash, this is brought to you by toyota and your local toyota dealer. buy right the first time and you'll save more in the long run. >> and back to you. >> let's go to the ronster. ron matzs! >> we're out in front of the benjies. >> reporter: well, i'll tell you, earn's blowing -- everyone's blowing their horns. we're live, bengies boulevard. good morning. >> good morning. >> how are you. well, well, thank you. >> through for the great marquis. >> this is the 55th season, 54th anniversaryyear. >> and how many cars can come into the drive in? >>> well, we hold 750 and we've done better. >> what's the record? >>> well, 92. we did well with the dark knight. and in washington, we did a promoe and somehow, we had 1200 cars in the drive in theater. you have the biggest screen in north america? >>> well, i say usa, but technically, north america. it's 52 x 120. >> how many drive ins are left in maryland and in the country. >> well, in maryland, there's one. >> that's the country, that's the benjies and in the country, it seems for the last five or six years to be around 600 sites. >> and ken
for vacation apartment once toyota to pay. -- the transportation department wants toyota to pay. the transportation secretary says he has evidence toyota knew of the problem in late september but did not issue a recall until late january. since then, toyota has recalled more than 6 million vehicles in the u.s.. toyota has yet to accept or to -- or refused the proposal. you've heard about the benefits of breast-feeding, but a new study shows it can save billions of dollars a year. >> and how weather can affect migraines. >> and fraught -- some lucky children enjoy the annual easter egg roll. >> coming if we don't know how many people there are, how do we know how many roads we need? the census helps us know exactly what we need, so everyone can get their fair share of funding. we can't move forward until you mail it back. 2010 census. >> proving itself to be a success with its 100,000 passenger. it travels the busy downtown corridor. it ridership has averaged more than 1200 passengers per day. >> in tonight's medical alert, breast feeding can save the lives of nearly 1000 babies
to distribution of child pornography. >>> in tonight's consumer awe letter, toyota says it will now check all of its suvs for problems similar to the rollover risk uncovered by consumer reports and lexus gs 460. toyota suspended north american sales on tuesday. on wednesday expanded the suspension world-wide. toyota does not plan to sus eastbound the sales of the -- suspend the sales of the other vehicles. >>> ericson retirement communities has come out of bankruptcy. the chain of campus-style senior living facilities is being sold to redwood capital investments. the sale is expected to close by the end of the month. erickson runs 20 retirement communities of 23,000 residents in 11 states. >>> boarded up homes, overgrown yards trashed. these are the things you'll see in the city but not for long. neighbors are fighting the blight. how many homes will be left standing when this is removed. >>> valentine's day was two months ago. this is the weekend to fall in love all over again in annapolis. we'll take you to the new temporary lover's lane. >>> plus, a maryland family is a family. thanks to
and the protests are headed to our area. we'll explain. >>> more reaction from toyota following the latest setback. we'll have more. ♪ my subaru saved my life. i won't ever forget that. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. >>> toyota says engineers are working to correct the stability problem on the 2010 lexus gs 460. because of rollover danger, the magazine consumer reports slapped a do not buy rating on the truck. toyota immediately stopped selling these models in the united states. toyota says it does plan to testing the safety of all of its sport utility models one more time. >>> a 9-11 style terror plot has been uncovered in iraq. u.s. security officials say iraqi forces kept it from happening. they arrested two men who are allegedly part of al-qaeda in iraq. they weren't far in their planning but they did apparently plot to hijack airplanes and target crimes. >>> michelle obama met with her mexican counterpart yesterday. this is bels obama's firefighters solo foreign trip. next month, president obama and the first lady will hold a state dinn
. could embattled auto maker toyota be slapped with yet another penalty? what the u.s. government is saying toyota failed to do again. will have the stories when you >> a lot cooler than it was a short time ago. >> the nice weather is going to last into the upcoming weekend. 63 tomorrow. 73 on sunday. we want to congratulate thomas knott. he is the state champion of the geography bee. he is from bethesda. he is going to represent the state in the national geographic be. an eighth grader was in third place. you would not believe the knowledge this kid has. >> let us look et al. or news. thank you for joining us. so send us your answers today. and mail back the census. because they're the first step toward a happier, healthier community. fill it out and mail it back today. toward20 census., healthier community.
weather. maybe a showers saturday but a higher probability on sunday afternoon. >>> the toyota sports desk -- brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. >>> 7 is a lucky number. let's see if it is a lucky number at the verizon center. >> tim brant is getting ready for the drop in the course a lot of people in this every hope that is the case. this is the nhl's final game of the first round. i cannot think anybody anticipated the washington in capitals the be it. bruce boudreau will probably start varly tonight. if he struggles, they will pull him in a hurry. the story has been the goalie on the other team. halak has been incredible. he has stopped 90 of 92 shots in the last two games. it has been incredible. the capitals and know they have to get into his head and into the net. >> he has played well throughout the game. we are throwing pots on the net. -- pucks on the net. >> make no mistake, this is alex ovechkin postgame. his reputation and contract say he is one of the best in the game. on like sidney crosby, he has never won a gold medal, a stanley cup, this is
mortgage giant now the focus of a criminal investigation. >>> plus, deadline day for toyota. will the company pay up on that record government fine? >>> toss out the calendar. it doesn't feel like an april morning out there a check of weather and traffic next. >>> weather and traffic on the 1s. it's 4:41. chilly 47 degrees in washington. and it's in the mid 40s in prince george's county. arlington, fairfax, montgomery county now in the low 40s. quite a chilly start this morning. we have it down into the 30s in prince william, culpeper. this zone here may be getting scattered frost so if do you have any tender plants, any house plants you set outside early this season, bring them in. and southern maryland now in the 40s as well as northern neck and eastern shore. now over the last 12 hours we've got high pressure over us with clear sky and we'll have lot of sunshine today. afternoon highs should climb into the mid 60s and overnight tonight another clear night. mid 40s tomorrow morning and by tomorrow afternoon into the mid 60s again with lots of sunshine. then we'll have a so
prescriptions -- new at 6:00 p.m. >> the transportation department seems to be using toyota to drive home a point to automakers. >> not notifying the government quickly enough about defective gas pedals is the issue. we have the story from washington. >> in it -- in the middle of an advertising blitz aimed at shifting public opinion, toyota gets slapped with a $16.4 million fine, the maximum possible and the largest ever for waiting too long to alert authorities and drivers that the sticky gas pedal could be a problem >> our goal is to make sure that -- could be a problem. >> our goal is to make sure that we do not have a problem. >> toyota's president tried to explain what led to the dangers of defect in some vehicles. >> i fear the pace with which we have grown may have been too quick. >> but the fine is all about being too slow in eight -- to slow. in a statement, ravenwood says the government has proved that -- ray lahood says the government has proved that toyota knowingly failed to live up to expectations. for months, they did not take action to protect millions of drivers and their
of rolling over during certain turns. it is the latest news to hurt toyota's reputation, after recalling millions of vehicles due to faulty gas pedals. toyota says it will try to redo the test that consumer reports did and try to fix the problem. >>> results fell short of expectations. analysts keep an eye on the aluminum business. since it signals manufacturing trends. for more news, click on seeks money watch.com. in new york, i'm farnoosh torabi. >>> a group of tiny tightrope walkers test the limit by sending a 3-year-old on the high wire. >>> the little girl walked the wire without a balancing pole, almost 30 feet up above six hungry siberian tigers. you can see, she's persistent. she fell three separate times. she started tightrope training when she was just 1 year old. do you think it's time to take her away from those people? >> the purpose of that with the bengal tigers, beautiful as they are, and hungry. >> i think we'll see a follow- up story to that story. that leads our news the next day. all right. >>> coming up alt 4:00. change your diet. a new report links food to alzheima
against toyota have been sent to a southern california courtroom. u.s. district judge james selna will decide whether toyota should pay more than $3 billion to toyota owners who say their car's resale value dropped drastically because of recalls. others are suing for injuries or death in run away toyota cars. >>> a political battle brewing in the nation's capital as supreme court's leading liberal announces his retirement. john paul stevens plans to step down at the end of the summer when he turns 90 years old. stevens has been at the center of key decisions giving due process to suspected terrorist. the white house is considering nearly a dozen candidates to replace him. >>> so, why spend big bucks on a tropical get away when you can own the most romantic house in the country? this san francisco mansion is for sale for the second time in 30 years. this home is a beacon for romance. love doesn't cost a thing, this house certainly does. that price starts at $45 million. a drop in the bucket for you gigi. >> i was going to say that's not romantic, $45 million is not romantic. shoppi
os. >> the toyota sports desk, brolt to you by your local toyota dealers, moving you forward. >> i have to tell you that this wizards' season has been the most frustrating, bizarre and sometimes inept than i have seen in a long time. i am trying to be nice, but the wizards lost to the bulls 95-87. washington now has 53 losses for the season. nick young hit that 25-footer, and washington had a four-point lead in the third quarter. but they don't play with knit urgency. derosa, too much. 24 points, way too easy. thankfully for flip saunders, the wizards has only seven games last. tomorrow is semifinal saturday. the blue devils are like the yankees. everybody likes to bash them. the indianapolis star printed this picture with head coach mike krzyczewski with horns and a target on his head. it just got the players more fired up and focused. >> i don't think there are too many comparisons with the game two years ago because of how different teams we are. >> we are not using that as a pay-back type thing. for us, of course we want to be -- want to beat the team who knocked us out two years ago. >>ed read
coming >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealer, moving you forward. >> a slow start, tired legs, i don't know what it was for the caps, but the montreal canadiens came out with a pension and scored two first period goals. they were flying around early. he lit up this shot. it was 1-0 montreal. six minutes later canadians on the attack. it was 2-0 montreal shortly into the game and then the camps finally got on the board. alex ovechkin punches in. it was 2-1 and i thought here come the capitals. the goalie made 38 saves and the canadians hold on. they are headed back to montreal. you have to say bruce boudreau, did you let one get away? >> of course. what did you think? we let it slip away. we have game 5 in our building and we played like crap in the first 10 minutes and the game 0 is over -- the game is over. >> the redskins did not have a chance to participate in the draft, but the two most talked- about players finally got picked. colt mccoy had to wait to the 85th pick but was selected. the redskins were showing off their offensive linemen, trent
he could hide evidence at the scene. >>> toyota could get potentially hit with a huge penalty from the transportation department. the agency says it plans to seek the maximum penalty, more than $16 million against toyota. transportation officials say toyota knew about defective gas pedals in some of its vehicles in late september. but didn't issue a recall until january. the fine would be the largest single penalty ever issued to an automaker by the governor. toyota has two weeks to accept or contest the penalty. >>> breast-feeding not only saves babies, it saves billions of dollars. that's according to a new study. tonight in healthwatch, jessica kartalija reports, the benefits continue to add up. >> yeah he's perfect. yep. he's a perfect angel. >> reporter: at st. joseph's medical center, erin tallheim spends the day with her new son, zachary. today, they're learning how to brefort feed. >> this -- breast-feed. >> this is my first time doing it. so it has been a challenge. but we're work together as a team. so he's doing a good job. >> reporter: a new study of the journal of pedi
on her bobblehead. that's hard for a woman to do, you know. >>> toyota responds. government slaps them with a record-breaking fine. will the automaker pay it or fight it? >>> i'm suzanne collins. a paraplegic is having to use this wheelchair which is very uncomfortable because his own whee l wheel-- wheelchair has been stolen. >>> coming up, high altitude repair work. that story as eyewitness news continues. >>> this is mark i didn't -- mark viviano. the season begins tonight for the o's. i'll talk to the team. plus, duke does a championship dance. and mcnabb lands in d.c. that's all ahead when eyewitness news continues. - at subway... - there's something for... - everyone. everyone! - so many footlongs... - are just $5. - seriously? this will make a splash. everyone loves subway $5 footlongs. so many favorites, all day, every day. subway. eat fresh. >>> 6:30. 93 degrees and partly cloudy. tiger woods is gearing up for the masters. and tiger vows that nothing has changed since his personal life put his golf game on hold. today, he wowed the crowd. >> reporter: tiger woods showed why he
investigation. >>> breaking news for you moments ago, toyota ordered dealers to stop selling the luxury lexus gx460. as alison harmelin reports, this comes after consumer reports issues a rare warning for that surf. >> consumer reports magazine is telling drivers not to buy the lexus gx460 suv. >> this is a fairly rare designation. last time we advised that consumers didn't buy a car with a safety risk was 2001. >> conducted by the magazine, the rear end swings outed with, until the gx is almost sideways. they say it takes too long to get the vehicle back under control. >> if this happened in real situation, a rear tire could hit the curve or slide off the pavement and this could lead to a rollover. >> reporter: lexus is toyota's luxury line. and the automaker says it is concerned about what consumer reports found. and will try to dew point -- duplicate the test. they said, please keep in mind that it meets or exceeds all federal government testing requirements. >> reporter: the luxury suv went back on sale in november. and since then, they have only sold about 5,000. the company says the consum
. there are some new problems. >> toyota it is issuing another recall involving their suv. details coming up. what do you have a plant you want to trade for another plant? i will tell you about a community plan to swap. kraft we are tracking two new accidents out there. and >> a very good morning to you. it is 46 degrees downtown. a chilly start. we will warm up today with more sunshine. we are talking about a community plan to swap. it is basically a plant trade. maybe you want to trade up to something different. you have the opportunity here. it is taking place on roosevelt avenue. ellen gardner is here. what is the premise behind this? >> just so everyone can do a better job of getting a bigger variety of plants in the yard. >> and it is economical. >> bordering between yourselves. artering want -- borderin between yourselves. >> plants you can split. herbs. potted plants. >> so basically, anything that relates to gardening. these children are the helpers'. these young ladies will be helping out. saturday 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. let's take a look at the hd doppler. the slightest chance of a t
by your toyota dealer and you'll find quality cars and trucks. back to you, marty and don. >>> all right, ronster, we're compensating this morning. >>> we're at copen state and music, food and a major art auction is happening here at coppen stake for the benefit of those seeking a career in nursing. >> reporter: on the campus, they're buzzing about the annual art auction and reception that will raise money for the students who want to attend the school of nursing. >> so, this is one of the major fundraisers to build scholarships to become nurses and health specialists. >> the school's going through a lot of changes and growths. >> reporter: he'll bring the care givers. >> i feel like it documents our history and documents the efforts of the school nursing. i thought that was important. and he'll be here with his paints of billy holiday. >> here we are creating art work for a purpose, you know, other than just raising funds for our own fates, but to help others. >> reporter: this is maryland's number one school in graduating nurses. >> many of the nurses are first generation college stude
offered by toyota. toyota offered unprecedented incentives last month to lure customers following all the recent recalls and safety issues. toyota u.s. sales jumped 41% selling 1600 fewer cars than general motors. the closest it has ever come to surpassing gm's monthly sales. >>> u.s. homeland security secretary says she's considering a plea from the folks on rhode island who want aid. she got a personal tour of the area. many of the worse-hit areas are still under water. rhode island's governor is asking the federal government to help the state pay for response costs and fix roads, bridges and sewer the systems. >>> there is not much we can add to the beautiful weather we have had. how warm? depends on where you were. if you were closer to the atlantic not as warm today. still above average everyone. 73 bwi marshall so far today. that courtesy of a light southeast wind coming off the cool waters of the chesapeake. you can see norfolk was 70. charleston, west virginia in the 90s. again we are getting a cooling influence off the chesapeake in baltimore. few thin clouds out of the west.
sidewalks. lofty goals. >> his studies are going well. toyota executives and dealers were helping with thousands of recalls. could they have been avoided? >> spend some time cleaning up some trash along the river and you get to do some thing like this for free. >> tiger woods makes the cut as his comeback continues. i am in augusta. >> hd doppler shows rain moving off the coast as gusty winds bring in chilly air. the weekend forecast coming up at camden yards. temperatures in the '50s. temperatures in the '50s. >> good afternoon. i am live in the 11 news room. here is what we are working on for 11 news at 6:00. the city council president is firing back after we showed he is the co-owner of a taxpayer- funded home. officials at the records ate. we are also live at annapolis, where a debate over same-sex marriage popped up. plus, >> tiger woods put in another solid performance despite the scandal that kept him out of the game for four months. >> the finished another round at augusta national and is only two shots off the clubhouse lead heading into the weekend. >> following his best
ask allison. this week i'm getting to the bottom of one viewer's concerns about a toyota recall that effected her firsthand. we'll have that for you next. >>> and here is another look at today's trivia question. which was the only team to have a better win-loss record for the redskins. have to think about this one. the giants, the cowboys, the dolphins or the san francisco 49ers? the answ coming up -- coming up later. >>> charlie wilson from the gap band is here today. know the stain. after an alpaca? i have. it was awesome. ♪ call 1-800-steemer crafted to be exceptionally smooth... decadently rich... delightful... chocolate... bliss. hershey's bliss chocolate. crafted for bliss. ♪ ¿por que no probamos esto? ♪ old el paso. a special blend of seasoning... for especially delicious tacos. feed your fiesta! kids are hungry after school. that's why i always have totino's pizza rolls. big pizza taste. in a bite size roll. kids can't resist their delicious pizza flavor. totino's pizza rolls. the pizza way to snack. what do you guys want to do? both: make rice krispie® treats! s
serious allegations. how you can help police in the investigation. plus, toyota's troubles keep accelerating. what they may be doing with the what they may be doing with the lexus suv that is getting pande compare a well equipped lexus es, to a well-equipped buick lacrosse. get inside each. and see what you find. if perfection is what you pursue, this just might change your course. meet the new class of world class. the twenty-ten lacrosse, from buick. may the best car win. >> temperatures in the 30's in the morning, 60's in the afternoon. showers counter on wednesday. we bounced right back to 67 thursday and friday under partly sunny skies. more cigna began storms rolling through over the weekend. more steady rain sunday -- more significant storm swirling through over the weekend. steady rain on sunday. >> significance storms bring significant flowers. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.o
. >>> another blow today for toyota. consumer reports issues a rare warning saying don't buy this lexus suv. >>> also tonight, we're learning more about the fights that they should be killed by a national guards truck involving downtown security around the global nuclear summit. >>> it's just things don't always turn out that way. we are just so blessed. so blessed. >>> it's being called a miracle rescue. how an 11-year-old girl was found alive in an alligator incentive swamp after she disappeared four days ago. we'll be back. " >>> the county prosecutor will not press charges against the tennessee woman who sent her adopted son back to russia. they say that the fact the boy caught a flight out of dulles airport does not give them jurisdiction to prosecute the case. the u.s. mother returned the boy to the russian orphanage saying they failed to enclose his psychological problems. >>> an amazing rescue in florida today. it's being called a miracle. an 11-year-old girl with a form of autism was found alive this morning after being missing for four days in dangerous swampland. sandra hughs sho
% and toyota was up nearly 35%. >> years my name, here's my number, i want a toyota and i'm going to come in and buy one. that is exactly what happened. >> the challenge will be keeping the sales up for the long haul. according to usa today, police who may have once looked the other way at drivers going five- to-10 over the speed limit appeared to be cracking down and it could be related to the economy. speeding tickets are a source of revenue. research has shown an increase in the number of speeding tickets during recessions. and there is no tolerance among state troopers. so, watch out. >> you did know it was april fool's day today, right? -- april fullsools' day today, right? the university of johns hopkins has announced that there will no longer be an "s" in john. we promise, the university doctored these photos. the good name remains. >> that is pretty funny. still to come, the obama administration looks to help students who want to go to college. coming up, what changes to the financial aid program could mean for local students. >> the phantom of the opera is a massive undertaking.
. >>> making headlines in the 7:00 hour now, toyota says nears are working -- engineers are working to correct the stability problems on the lexus gx 460. the magazine consumer reports slapped a do not buy rating on this truck. detroit immediately stopped selling the models in the u.s. and has not decided if it will conduct a recall yet. toyota said it does plan on testing the safety of all of the sport utility models again. >>> today president obama is expected to announce details of his long-term plans for nasa. instead of flying new rockets to the moon, the president wants to rely on private companies to fly into space over the next few years while developing a big new government rocket. it includes greater investment in innovation and more missions of. but several former astronauts, including neil armstrong do not approve. buzz aldrin, however, does approve of the president's new plan. >>> signs this morning of another big story in washington. they are getting ready for a big party down at freedom plaza. a tea party with a strong message for the government on this tax day. the nation's cap
effects. miralax. restore your body's natural rhythm. >> new documents reveal that toyota released internal repair guidelines for sticky gas pedals in europe months before warning the u.s. about the problem. the a.p. reports toyota issued the guidelines the same day it told the u.s. government it was recalling loose floor mats. transportation secretary ray lahood says toyota made a huge mistake by not revealing the problems sooner. federal regulators fined the automaker a record $16.4 million for not disclosing the problem southeastern. >> well, the dow has started this wednesday down. let's check with cnbc's courtney reagan live with that and the rest of the day's business headlines. >> good morning, pat. stocks are down right now. i see the dow is down about 33 points. we've been around that range for most of the morning and ended mixed yesterday. the fed did reiterate its pledge to keep interest rates low for an extended period. no no specific guideline given. investors listening very carefully every time bernanke speaks. europe a touch lower. fed chairman bernanke will speak th
. toyota brake troubles, aggressive incentives helped drive consumers to show rooms. and price wars between general motors andoyota paid off. g.m.'s core brand, buick, cadillac, chevy, gmc, saw nearly a 38% increase in sales. toyota sales jumped 35%. the company is speeding to rebuild trust and confidence following a massive recall for gas, pedal and brake problems and rolled out strong incentives to win customers. >> consumers are very smart, savvy. listen, circumstances are such. here is my maim and number. i want a toyota and willome in and buy it. when they announced the program, come on in. that's exactly what happened. >> reporter: ford sales increased nearly 35%. but the company did not compete in the incentives war. instead ford decreed the boost to strong demand for fusion and taurus brands. >> ford continues to be red hot. ford accrued a goodwill momentum by not going bruptd and american consumer or brand that normally would have taken billions of decades to build up. >> reporter: all positive signals that the struggling auto industry bogged down a year ago by flat-line sales and
incentives. toyota kicked it off at the beginning of the month and everyone else was forced to follow along. so yes, if you throw money a problem you can certainly make good things happen. >> analysts say they expect improved access to credit and leasing will boost sales throughout the year. >>> up next a new push to keep your kids safe from sex offenders from school. >>> former chief of staff for a d.c. councilman faces bribery charges. tonight he's in more trouble. we'll tell you why next. >>> sue, another spring day. >> dulles almost hit 8 degrees. i think a lot of places will touch 80. wooef we'll have a close look at the weekend. >>> a quick look at the rundown. a few of the stories we're working on. we'll be back. hang tight. >>> this is fox 5 "news edge at 11:00. $q?????????????? >>> d.c. councilman jim graham's chief of staff is hitting with new charges tonight. ted loza was charged with taking bribes from cab companies. they are adding extortion, making false statements and conspiracy. they say he took trips and gifts in exchange for legislative favors for cab compa
the source of what was recorded. >>> toyota is weighing the openings after getting hit with multi-million dollar fines. they are seeking the maximum penalty. they say toyota knew it had problems with sticky gas pedals in late december. but didn't tell the government until january. the car maker has to admit to wrongdoing or fight it and risk more bad publicity. >>> obama administration will give $3,000 for moving expenses to homeowners who complete a short sale or agree to turn over the deed of the property to the lender. it's for homeowners who are in financial trouble but don't qualify for the administration's $75 billion mortgage modication program. >>> an east baltimore school is recognized as one of the greenest in the country. so green, it is up for a $15,000 prize. andrea fujii explains in tonight's school watch, where they're depending on your online vote. jazz call -- >> reporter: call it compost 101. kids from hampstead hill elementary all make compost piles frvment growing to main-- piles. from growing to maintaining. >> we pull weeds and plant plants. >> we try to make
decree he called a major omission. >>> new information about the discussion among toyota's higher-ups before the company went public with problems about its accelerator pedal. we are back with more after this. alright kid, let's get ready for this morning's quiz. christopher columbus sailed the ocean blue... in 14 hundred and 92. nice! follow me, the missouri river is this way! lewis and clark expedition of 1804. oh, he'll never get this. magellan, 1520. awww, my 8 layers must've given it away. help keep your kid full and foced with 8 filling layers... of whole grain fiber found in kellogg's® frosted mini-wheats® cereal. this is one giant leap for mini-kind™. keeps 'em full. keeps 'em focused. hoo hooo! >>> the taliban has released a video of an american soldier captured in afghanistan. it shows the 4-year-old doing exercises to demonstrate that he is in good physical condition. the date of the footage is not known. >>> toyota is being called into question once again, this time for a message sent from one executive to another. in an e-mail obtained by the associated press, the
. >>> more problems from toyota. learn what it is doing after a rare warning from consumer reports. >>> and today is shaping up to be a gorgeous day weather wise. find out how long it will last. stay with 9 news now. we'll be right back. somewhere in america... there's a home by the sea powered by the wind on the plains. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america, the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america, more than sixty thousand people spend every day answering them. siemens. answers. >>> check out this picture. we caught an amazing orange sky last night. a gorgeous end that turned out to be a pretty nice wednesday. thank you for starting thursday with us. i'm andrea roane. meteorologist howard bernstein son the weather terrace with another gorgeous forecast for today. >> we have to get past this morning. chilly, cold in spots. a touch of fog in the valley areas and rivers but less than yesterday and i had t
the winter blues. toyota, ford, honda and gm all reported huge gains over this time last year. ford and toyota reported gains over 40% whilegm and honda reported sales increases of 20%. chrysler was the one big automaker to report bad news as sales falling about 8%. j.d. power and associates estimates that overall vehicle sales in the u.s. rose 23% in march. >>> ahead on "news4 at 4:00," need information online? topeka it. >> we will tell you why google decided to change its name. >>> more than obvious chemicals in pesty tides around your house that could poison your pet. >> don't forget about twitter and facebook. we are always posting updates and breaking news. you can find us on both sites by searching "news4 at 4:00." >>> if you have been on google today, you may have noticed that the popular search engine changed its name to topeka, as in topeka, kansas. officials at google, now to pea can a, say it was difficult to give up the hugely recognizable google brand but popular search engine is transitioning to this new name. if you are falling for this, you forget this is april fool
. >>> toyota says it has not been note nid yet but it knows the u.s. government is proposing a record $16.4 million fine for failing to alert regulators about safety problems. the government is accusing toyota of hiding a dangerous defect, the sticking gas pedal. >>> you take the beautiful weather and the big crowds in the tidal basin and that meant great news fr metro. >> coming up n, some record- setting numbers that could have far-reaching effects. >>> also in a couple of moments, the latest on today's hot weather forecast and julie wright wi be along with an update on the traffic. we'll have that and more in just a few moments. >>> the newest redskin, donovan mcnabb, going to be introduced to the d.c. media in just a couple of hours. this is video of him leaving dulles yesterday giving a wave to the folk. a news conference set for noon today and we'll have that live for you here on fox 5. >> didn't i read somewhere he will keep his number. >> he will keep number 5. i can't and colt brennan will switch to a different number. >> 15. >> all right. >> very good. >> something exciting. >>
exclusively on wjz 13. >>> toyota is being told to pay up. they are being fined for failing to notify the government about its accelerator problems. the transportation secretary says evidence shows that toyota knew about the problem in late september but didn't issue a recall until january. >> a break in the case of a man found murdered in the doorway of his baltimore county apartment. we're live in the newsroom. kai jackson has more on the arrest. kai? . >> reporter: police have arrested 40-year-old brian edmonds for the murder of moses baker iv. he was found shot in his driveway last month. police determined brian edmonds was the only person at the apartment when he was shot. he was charged with first- degree murder. police also say baker was away from his apartment days before he was murdered. denise? >> okay. thank you, kai. we wanted to say that was the wrong picture we had up just a moment ago. edmonds has been denied bail. >>> with more weather comes a crime that tips more. illegal dirt bike riders are showing up. and already, one rider is recovering from a nasty head-on crash.
that straight ahead.  >>> first toyota got hit with a record fine on monday. today another civil penalty could be in the works. the transportation department is now telling the automaker that the gas pedals have two different problems and could require two separate solutions to fix. toyota is already facing a $16 million fine for waiting too long to tell the government about those defective gas pedals. >>> a foreclosure fiasco for a georgia couple even though they're not behind on payments. a man legally bought their home at auction and then showed up with the papers. >> reporter: two days ago randy felt like the rug had been pulled out from under her. she found out her house had been sold and it wasn't even on the partial. >> on tuesday my husband was outside working on his truck. a guy came over to him and i think shook his hand and said hi, i just bought this house. so he's thinking to himself, yeah, right, you're joking. they rang the doorbell. i was on the phone. he rings the doorbell and my husband says to me, this guy is the new owner of this house. >> report
with a new look at the fight between american car and farm made vehicles. >> toyota safety problems have had a significant impact on americans ' attitudes toward asian automakers. there's a new poll out produced by the associated press and it shows that more americans now say u.s. automobiles are better than cars made by asian countries, 38 to 33%. in 2006, americans preferred asian cars for quality, 46 to 29%. the change reflects toyota's fading reputation as well as growing respect for ford. >>> consumers are still feeling frugal and stores are stepping up. our partners at "usa today" report the demand for discounts is forcing high-end retailer to change how they do business, such as whole foods touting weekly sales and 53% of shoppers will buying most things on sale, that's up in 48% three years ago. >>> big brother is looking over your shoulder and google is helping you look back. it launched a new web tool dahled government requests that lets you pay to check on which countries are requesting user information from companies and request to delete content. google launched the tool. its yo
, baltimore city is going green and getting rewarded for it. >> and toyota issues another recall and agrees to pay major fines to the government. >> we all know about addictions to things like smoking and alcohol, but indoor tanning? believe it or not, it is a growing disorder. >> there is something that happens in the body that causes a problem >> and most women try to make it look pretty, but your nails can also tell you a lot about your health. >> and a for alarm fire over the weekend in an historic downtown annapolis. annapolis. ♪ ♪ do, do, do it together ♪ do, do it together ♪ ♪ it's all right, it's all right ♪ ♪ do, do it together ♪ do, do it together ♪ it's all right, it's all right ♪ ♪ it's all ri-i-i-ght [ female announcer ] cruises from baltimore and new jersey. visit royalcaribbean.com today. cracks whip -- >> we want to go back up to captain roy taylor. the accident has now turned deadly, right? >> yes, it has now turned into a fatal accident. a southbound interstate 95 just south of 32. the problem is going to be traffic. anyone making their way south down
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